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Build a community with open collaboration.


Share all document / knowledge / information with your community.

Create a note

Create a note

Open collaborate

Open collaborate

Share and track

Share and track

Empowering community

  • Real-time collaboration at scale: brainstorming with the community.
  • Turn white papers and API specs into living documents.
  • Create dedicated team space for each open source project.
Empowering community
Be in the know

Be in the know

  • Bring all community discussions into one place.
  • Get notified when the SINGLE source of truth changes.
  • Search or roll back to any previous version.


Write in markdown natively


Make a slide deck with a snap

Slide Mode

Collect any note into a book

Book Mode

GitHub / GitLab integration, instant access


Create math formulas and UML with text

MathJax & UML

Drag and drop image, auto-upload

Upload image

Export to PDF, md, or html files

Take it with you

Manage and search notes with tags

Manage with tags

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Start open collaboration now.

  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Email notification
  • Use without login

Business Plan

Customized access control for your use case.

  • Single Sign-On or SAML login
  • Role-based access control
  • Unlimited team space
  • Private image storage

Conference Plan

Help you share knowledge is our mission.

  • Customized URL to your shared notes
  • Team space for conference hosts
  • Best practice training and sharing
  • More customized options up to you

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